bridget ingram

Project Manager, P.E.


Bridget Ingram is a Project Manager at Wessler Engineering, an environmental engineering consulting firm, where she has worked for the last 6 years in the wastewater department. In her current role, Bridget works closely with community leaders and system operators to identify their wastewater management needs and develop effective solutions. This includes developing preliminary engineering evaluations, designing treatment plant and collection system projects and assisting during the construction process. Bridget received a BS in Environmental and Ecological Engineering from Purdue University and is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Indiana. Bridget volunteers as the chair of the Residuals and Resource Recovery Committee for the Indiana Water Environmental Association (IWEA), an organization dedicated to preserving Indiana’s waterways through education and outreach. As chair Bridget helps organize conferences and brings water professionals together throughout the year for educational seminars. Bridget lives in Indianapolis with her husband and enjoys reading, baking, and traveling.